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"Bunny Buddies"

Baby Cottontail Rabbits exness

Baby Bunnies

To produce his line of Limited Edition Collectibles, Dennis carefully molds each original sculpture to capture all the intricate detail that he worked so hard to capture.

exness thailand He makes only a limited number and uses his own developed mixture of powdered marble and resin binder to give the pieces strength and a unique painting surface.

"Eyes of Innocence"

Harp Seal Pup

After removing them from the mold, he cleans and prepares each casting to match the original in detail exness th.

"Dream Dancers"

Manatee Cow and Calf

He personally hand paints each piece with many thin washes of acrylic paints and then signs and numbers each one on the bottom.

"Cradled in Kelp"

Mother Sea Otter with Pup


Prairie Dog



Eastern Chipmunk



"Duck Dreams"

Labrador Puppies


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